Arbitrary limits and your life

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It’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t understand how the human body works or how guns work why artificial restrictions on magazine capacity are a bad idea. Frankly, most people, even gun owners, don’t have a clue what happens during a gun fight. I’ve never personally been in a gun fight, but I’ve dedicated many hours to studying them via video and reports. The survival rate from being shot with a handgun is very good, in fact it’s rare that people die from handgun wounds if they’re treated properly.

Having been in fights and through taking martial arts, I know what adrenaline does, and how it affects our perception. An injury is not a fight stopper unless it causes a system wide failure of the body. This can be from either CNS damage, blood loss, or simply from shock. Many people who are shot, are still able to either fight or run away.

What someone means when they say you only need xx bullets or rounds, is that they have no clue what they’re talking about. If I carry a Glock 19 with 15 rounds, I’m making a bet that I won’t need more than 15 rounds if I’m attacked by any number of person(s). This is a personal preference, a choice that I’ve either been explicit about in my decision making process for a carry gun, or implicit because I never put that much thought into the subject. Either way, it was my decision based on my needs. When a third party, say a local government, puts artificial restrictions on magazine capacity they’re making a choice for me. They’re making a bet that my life won’t need more than their arbitrary limit of rounds.

How do these people come up with their numbers? 15, 10, 7? Is there science or statistics backing these numbers? Absolutely…. NOT! As I said before, arbitrary and artificial. Arbitrary because they’ve made some uneducated guess with a number that sounds good. And artificial because most guns carry more than this limit in their natural form.

Next time a gun owner, or non-gun owner makes the claim that you only need xx rounds, talk to them. Explain to them that this is a bet, a bet that should only be made by the person who’s life is being protected by that limit.

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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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