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Quick review of the ZT 0560

I bought this to replace my Emerson/Benchmade CQC7 for EDC. I wanted a larger blade that was designed more for fighting and less for utility. The ZT 0560 seemed to fit the bill as it’s titanium handle and liner were light, and given the size, this made a huge difference. I have no experience with the Elmax blades, but so far this one seems solid. This knife will never get the use and abuse that my CQC7 received, so I’ll never know how well this knife truly holds up. Overall quality seems to be high with finish being great and build being better than average.

Pros: Light, large, easy one handed operation.

Cons: Lock rock, no auto open even though it’s “tip up” carry, price.

With MSRP being close to $300 at brick and mortar shops and a little less online I’d say the knife isn’t worth the money. It’s a great knife, and it’s now my EDC, however I don’t have the same “can do anything” confidence as I do with my CQC7. I do baby the blade, as this has become designated as a “fighting knife” and not a utility knife.

Would I buy again? Maybe not this model, although the blackwash version looks very cool. There are other ZT knives I would probably purchase first over this one. And while I love my CQC7, it’s just not designed nor was it kept up as a fighting knife.

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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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