Why I won’t buy the Glock 42

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The Glock 42 caused quite the stir this year. It’s slender, small, controllable, and a Glock. What more could you want? Well, for me, I want it in 9mm.  Is it because I feel the .380 is too weak for self defense use? No. I think the current offerings in .380ACP are just fine for close range self defense, which the Glock 42 is designed around. So what’s my problem? After all, I’m a Glock fan and an Armorer, so I should be the first one on board with this new pistol, right?

Actually it’s because I don’t want to add yet another caliber to my collection. Some think diversity is good. I on the other hand want to stay as close to one caliber as possible for all of my pistols. Granted I do have a .45 and a 10mm. The 10mm has a special purpose as a “woods gun”. I’m also able to use the 10mm gun to shoot .40S&W if I so desire. This has benefits when 10mm isn’t readily available, or if other calibers aren’t available for whatever reason. The .45 is a 1911, and everyone needs a 1911 in .45, right? My other 1911 is a 9mm.

9mm, 10mm, and .45ACP. These are the three calibers I’ve settled on as being my main choice. The less variety in calibers, the more rounds of each one I can keep on hand. This is my personal choice, and by no means a philosophy I share towards what others should do.

So it’s simple, I don’t like the Glock 42 because I decided not to own a .380 chambered gun because I don’t want to keep ammo on hand. Sure, I could just keep some defensive ammo on hand, but that’s not how I run my guns. If Glock decides to make a single stack 9mm, I’ll be the first one in line. Until then, other companies shall get my business. If Glock waits too long, I may have no interest in purchasing their single stack 9mm.

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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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