Who am I?

I’m the person who held the door open for you at the bank.

I’m the person who picked up and returned your child’s pacifier that you didn’t see fall to the floor.

I’m the person who offered to return your shopping cart to the store along with mine because you had your arms full of children.

I’m the person who had jumper cables and helped you get your car started after you left your lights on.

I’m the person who you cut off this morning driving to work; but I didn’t get mad.

I’m the person who let you cut in front of me during checkout because you only had a couple items.

I’m the tow truck driver who changed your flat tire during a rain storm on the side of a busy freeway shoulder.

I’m the nurse who helped save a child in the emergency room.

I’m the teacher who has been tutoring your child during lunch.

I am the barista who served you excellent coffee while you were busy on your phone.

I’m the doctor who gave a man a second chance with a heart transplant.

I’m the loan officer who helped you finance your first home.

I’m the bar tender who called you a cab after you drank too much.

I’m the dock worker who stopped to see if you were injured after your small car accident with another vehicle.

I’m the I.T. professional who helped fix your computer network in the middle of the night during a holiday weekend.

I am many things…

I’m the watcher who is observing the people around not only me, but you. I watch those who enter and leave around us. I’m always assessing for threats, and making sure there is a clear exit in case of an emergency. I always make sure I have an up to date medical kit in my vehicle, and even sometimes on my person. I’m the person who will be the first responder if there was an emergency right now. I am the person who will put everything I have on the line, to help you live.

I do this not because it is my job. I do this in the face of ever increasing pressure to stay not involved. I do this despite the fact I may be held liable for my actions. I do this even though I have my own kids to go home to. More importantly, I do this because it is the right thing to do.

I am a gun owner.

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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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