Are We Prepared?

This is what unorganized terrorists who live in tents in the desert have. What, this looks more like what an entry team might have?

French police took this photo and several others when they raided the leader of the recent attacks. A woman also was able to blow herself up and kill a police dog. In all 2 people died and several were arrested.
Why am I telling you what you already know? Because I think most people look at this and just go, “wow, that’s a lot of stuff” and don’t give it a second thought. But should we give it a second thought?
I think we need to look at this photo and ask ourselves if we’re prepared to deal with people who obtain and train with this level of gear. As time goes on, attackers will obtain more advanced gear because A) it’s more prevalent and B) the cost has come down. Especially here in the US where we have fairly easy access to a lot of this gear without anyone giving it a second thought.
So what should we be concerned with? It’s unlikely your home would be hit by someone with this gear. What’s the point? Terror doesn’t stay alive by destroying one family at a time. Mass events are what drive terror. But, this should change how you think when you’re outside of your home. Maybe you have that AR or AK at home for defense. Maybe even a shotgun. But when you leave your house you stick a 5 shot 38 special in your pocket holster and out the door you go.
If you were confronted with a person with this gear and this level of training, is your CCW or your “truck” gun enough? Do you feel comfortable with the equipment you have to deal with this?
A lot of people carry knowing they need just enough time to remove themselves from situation X in order to call the police. What if the police don’t come? What if the police are also dealing with the same people you’re confronted with? What if you’re stuck and can’t remove yourself from the situation with 5 shots?
I honestly think that people should be considered these scenarios when they’re choosing which gun they’re going to carry.
If you’re driving and an event unfolds in front of you or near you, how much gear is in your vehicle? Do you have enough ammo to deal with multiple attackers? You don’t need to have hundreds of rounds in magazines near by like I do, but what could it hurt? Having a backup gun also can’t hurt. What about first aid and trauma? Can you help people if you need to?
These are all questions I asked myself years ago. I was able to figure out what I really needed to keep near me and what gear I thought I would need to get home. A lot of people are just now thinking about this. Thinking about what they may need to survive an attack, whether it’s one person or multiple. This is good. It’s good to analyze your situation and make changes. I’m always re-evaluating my gear and my decisions. I can say a lot has changed from a couple years ago to today.
I’ll be talking more about my setup and why I’ve chosen what I have in future posts. However I urge everyone to look at the photo, and then look at what they have with them on an average day. See the difference?
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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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