What Is Defensive Gun Use?


Anti-gun people are quick to point out that most people who carry will never fire their gun in self defense. This is a very true fact, which many people are grateful for. Most people, civilians, law enforcement, or military, will never fire their weapon at another human. But what does this mean?

Defensive gun use is not just about shooting an attacker. While this certainly does make a gun defensive, there is something else that is hugely ignored by so many people. Simply displaying the firearm can be a defensive use of the gun. How so you ask?

When you defend yourself or another person from an attack or a potential attack, you stop, mitigate or try to mitigate the attack. When a firearm is introduced into a scenario, many times the attacker or potential attacker will stop or change directions. This is a defensive use of a firearm. Why? Because you were able to stop or mitigate the attack or potential attack.

I, like many others, carry a sidearm as a defensive tool. I hope to never need to display or fire my sidearm in any defensive scenario. However, many people have. Many more people have used their firearm in a defensive manner without ever firing a round. These events are rarely reported in the media because they’re uneventful, and most times the attacker or more likely, potential attacker is never detained or arrested.

I’ve even seen people motion towards a holster without actually presenting the firearm stop a potential attacker. When a wolf learns the sheep have teeth, they change their tune and move on.

So the next time someone claims your defensive gun is not likely to ever be used in self defense, know that they’re wrong. Many more people defensively brandish a firearm without firing a round than those who do actually have to take lethal steps to defend a life.

Carry daily, and have teeth, even if you never have to bite.

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Greg Ryman is a certified NRA instructor and RSO. He is also a California DOJ Certified Handgun Safety Instructor and a Certified Glock Armorer. Greg has been shooting for over 20 years and is the owner of Ryman Tactical.

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